A Bespoke Company

Custom Made for You

With Lavish, products are transformed into memorable brand moments. For some that means providing something immediately useful, like the perfect notepad or eco-friendly water bottle. For others it's more intangible—we're creating something of sentimental value to take their breath away. Whatever you're looking for, we can make it happen. We will help your company promote, motivate, recognize and delight through Smart Swag.


We provide custom product proposals that fit your budget and reflect who you are. We’re talking strategic, tangible branding tools you’ll be proud of.

Meet Kacey

What can I say, I just happen to be really good at shopping:):)

Not completely kidding! There is a lot of value in being able to learn, listen (really listen) to a client to understand exactly what they need and then to be able to prepare just the right product to fit those needs. But what is even more important is the trust. And that is why the plan for Lavish is to stay small enough to be a niche company that will never stop going above and beyond to build customer loyalty.


  • Clients Come First

    We put the hard work in so you can rest easy knowing we have your success at heart. Our team goes above and beyond to meet deadlines, find solutions to complex challenges, and deliver results that surpass expectations.

  • Relationships Matter

    Projects come and go, but relationships are timeless. We take the time to get to know our clients' companies and their pie-in-the-sky goals. Our secret? Listen first, respond next, and over deliver every time. 

  • Quality With Integrity

    We stand by our word and if we make a promise, we intend to make it happen. This commitment to integrity is part of the reason clients return to us again and again.